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       Nature Center Staff and Volunteers

    Director: Jason Larson - We are thrilled to welcome our new Director as of Aug. 1st
    2013.  Jason is well-known in both the botany and birding circles of Ohio.  Jason has worked at The
    Wilderness Center, Brown Family Environmental Center and at the herbarium at Ohio University in
    Athens.  Stop by and welcome Jason to his new home in Mansfield, Ohio!  

    Steve McKee -  Steve is stepping down to part-time employment, as he has serve his community
    for over 30 years as the director of the Richland County Park District.  He still considers all of the
    Mohican area his own backyard, and would like to share it with you.  Steve's specialties are botany
    and birds, and he will continue on part-time to teach classes at Gorman Nature Center and in the

    Merrill Tawse- Merrill is now semi-retired from the park district, but continues to teach the
    youngest of Gorman Nature Center's visitors.  His incredibly popular "Moms and Kids" programs  
    are on Wednesday mornings.  Merrill specializes in insects, animals and is a real expert on bats.

    Jan Ferrell-  Jan pulls double duty by working at the Nature Center and the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.  
    She is our resident specialist on birds and spiders.  She also coordinates our many volunteers.

Anthony Aratta-  Anthony is a maintenance man, who keeps our nature center and grounds in
        tip-top shape.

Cheryl Harner - Cheryl is a volunteer who enjoys programing our website and promoting our      
     programs with clubs and organizations. She enjoys all manner of botany, birds and butterflies.

    Volunteer Staff -
    The special people who make it all possible

    Nature Center Volunteers:

    Mary Lou Bricker

    Bob Castor

    Bud Consolo

    Elaine Consolo

    Rob Fischer

    Dick Gardner

    Kim German

    Cheryl Harner

    Dean Homerick

    Ralph Hunt

    Ron Jaques

    Ted Kmet

    Nancy Kennedy

    Dave Kracker

    Chris McQuillen

    Peg Parsons

    Phil Pendleton

    Rinda Sansom

    Linda Tucker

    Linda Wilson

    Dot Yontz

Gorman Nature Center
Bike Trail Volunters:

Dave Boals

Mike Fischer

Skip Malaska

John Merschdorf

Mary Jane Merschdorf

Dave Moody

Dick Osgood

Lester Polenz

Chris Reining

Terry White

Butterfly Gardens:

Melanie Seaman

Fate Christian
Richland County Park District
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